Naar de inhoud springen

Testing OneInstant Packfilm

The great people at SuperSense Vienna make new packfilm for old Polaroid camera’s.
Fall 2019 they started to ship these new films. I got one of the first batches and did a test with three films from the September-edition.

…and I like it!
I Exposed it at 100 iso and all the three pictures were good! Not too dark, not too light.. Very nice.
Also, it has a nice saturation. I like it more than the Fuji100-instant films. Which to me are too cool and natural.

I like the border from the new OneInstant packfilm. The picture doesn’t fill the complete sheet, but that’s okay. I left the black border and in one day all was dry.
Scanned it, did some minor retouching (dust) and here it is, my first OneInstant print made with a Polaroid 600SE-camera:

Model: @Catcandy_K