Naar de inhoud springen


How to deal with places which proof the bad side of your history? Hide, forget or show?
For over 15 years I visited these ‘Böse Orte’: Places with a history of WW2 where things were built in secret. Mostly from the thought of Hitler’s megalomania.

Photographed and soon to be published: Prora, Peenemunde, La Coupole, Hidden V1-locations, Atlantic Wall Belgium and many more..

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  • Strecke 46 / The Forgotten Autobahn

All motorway construction in Germany was stopped in 1943 because of the war. The ruins of Section 46 between Gemünden and Bad Brückenau were taken over by woods again. They were lost in oblivion. Section 46 became ‚The forgotten motorway’.

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