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Yes, I make videos too!
Some with almost half a million viewers, others with just a few..
You can see the almost 50 video’s I made, here on VIMEO

Clients:, Douglas, Cosmopolitan, Story, Denham the Jeanmaker and many more.

Over 547K views: ‘Cold beauty’
Backstage at a beauty photoshoot
INSTANT SECRETS, Complete (Personal Project)
1- The Fantasy
2- The Dream
3- The Expose
Short film about a girl and a polaroid photoshoot
Inspired by the music of Dorleac and the legacy of Polaroid
Behind the scenes at a photoshoot using a 8×10″ Calumet C1 camera and the Impossible gen 2.0 pioneer film
Backstagevideo of a (Polaroid)photoshoot. 
In this shoot I use the polaroid SE600 and test the new Fuji 
3D compactcamera.
And the end of this video’s you see 3D pictures made with this camera. Use Red/Blue glasses to view them in 3D
Backstage shooting the new DENHAM Collection